Saturday, 28 July 2018

The long lost update

The plan to use my time away in hotels to write stuff failed. Spectacularly. As did the intention to try and keep this thing updated... or do any painting. Some bits have been painted and lots of 4ground buildings have been stuck together... but the weather has pretty much sucked the will out of me recently. I will eventually get something finished enough to post photos. Eventually.

I did do some writing for WFRP, but always ended back at the same point where I wanted to do some stats. Without the new book, this always came to a dead end as I didn't want to write anything for earlier versions and have to redo it again for 4th edition. Thankfully last night saw the initial preview release to preorder folk and it is glorious. The book is still missing things like an index, page numbers for references and some maps, but even without these... great work.

I'm loving the artwork and layout of this thing. It still has that WFRP feel, but with much nicer typography than earlier editions. We also still have the small but vicious dog for the Rat Catcher career. Wouldn't be WFRP without it really.

I've not had much chance to read it all yet, but the bits I have had a look at all seem to be well structured, with clear callouts to alternate rules, clarifications or examples when they are needed. The Facebook groups all seem to (with one or two people as an exception) be liking the updates to the rules as well, so that is a good thing.

The bestiary section is nicely done, though the stats blocks being kind of small with only a few key examples per race, screams that there will be a proper bestiary book sometime later. There is a nice little section about making quick NPCs from anything in the bestiary, which also includes the core player races. Conversely there are also some brief notes on using the bestiary to create alternate character races until new ones are released.

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