Saturday, 8 December 2018

Clearing the decks part 1

With this year's AHPC coming up, it is time to start finishing off all those little projects that have been filling the painting table for months, half done. Some of them feed into the challenge, some don't... but all of them need to be finished in order to safely start something new on the 20th. If I don't, they will never get finished!

This first batch are the start of a Red Scorpions Primaris force. I used to have a Forge World Red Scorpions force years ago, but sold it when my gaming buddy moved away as there wasn't really any use for it. Over the last year I seem to have picked up a number of Space Marines again, thanks to the starter box and the magazine that is currently ongoing. I figured it was about time to put paint to figures and see where it goes... even if it is straight into the sale pile once they are all painted.

The main issue with Red Scorpions is that FW stopped doing their transfer sheet, so the choice was either a third party transfer sheet, or hand paint logos on every single figure... After one or two failed attempts? I'm waiting for some transfers. On one, that's fine. On two... not a hope in hell.

The first batch finished is a squad of 5 Intercessors

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