Monday, 10 December 2018

Clearing the decks part 3

A few more bits for the Red Scorpions to start putting some leadership onto the table

First up is a Primaris Ancient. Like all the others, I'm waiting for the transfers to arrive so I can finish the banner off

To accompany him we have some sneaky Reavers armed with pistols and knives. I need two more to flesh this out to a base squad

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Clearing the decks Part 2

Following on from yesterday's Red Scorpions kickoff, the next unit finished is a second batch of 5 Intercessors. There are a few more Intercessors in the pipeline, but they are reserved for the Challenge.

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Clearing the decks part 1

With this year's AHPC coming up, it is time to start finishing off all those little projects that have been filling the painting table for months, half done. Some of them feed into the challenge, some don't... but all of them need to be finished in order to safely start something new on the 20th. If I don't, they will never get finished!

This first batch are the start of a Red Scorpions Primaris force. I used to have a Forge World Red Scorpions force years ago, but sold it when my gaming buddy moved away as there wasn't really any use for it. Over the last year I seem to have picked up a number of Space Marines again, thanks to the starter box and the magazine that is currently ongoing. I figured it was about time to put paint to figures and see where it goes... even if it is straight into the sale pile once they are all painted.

The main issue with Red Scorpions is that FW stopped doing their transfer sheet, so the choice was either a third party transfer sheet, or hand paint logos on every single figure... After one or two failed attempts? I'm waiting for some transfers. On one, that's fine. On two... not a hope in hell.

The first batch finished is a squad of 5 Intercessors

Saturday, 28 July 2018

The long lost update

The plan to use my time away in hotels to write stuff failed. Spectacularly. As did the intention to try and keep this thing updated... or do any painting. Some bits have been painted and lots of 4ground buildings have been stuck together... but the weather has pretty much sucked the will out of me recently. I will eventually get something finished enough to post photos. Eventually.

I did do some writing for WFRP, but always ended back at the same point where I wanted to do some stats. Without the new book, this always came to a dead end as I didn't want to write anything for earlier versions and have to redo it again for 4th edition. Thankfully last night saw the initial preview release to preorder folk and it is glorious. The book is still missing things like an index, page numbers for references and some maps, but even without these... great work.

I'm loving the artwork and layout of this thing. It still has that WFRP feel, but with much nicer typography than earlier editions. We also still have the small but vicious dog for the Rat Catcher career. Wouldn't be WFRP without it really.

I've not had much chance to read it all yet, but the bits I have had a look at all seem to be well structured, with clear callouts to alternate rules, clarifications or examples when they are needed. The Facebook groups all seem to (with one or two people as an exception) be liking the updates to the rules as well, so that is a good thing.

The bestiary section is nicely done, though the stats blocks being kind of small with only a few key examples per race, screams that there will be a proper bestiary book sometime later. There is a nice little section about making quick NPCs from anything in the bestiary, which also includes the core player races. Conversely there are also some brief notes on using the bestiary to create alternate character races until new ones are released.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Mordheim background

Every now and then you follow someone on Facebook that you should have followed a looooooong time ago. This morning's discovery is Tuomas Pirinen, the author of one of my favourite games/settings.... Mordheim.

His facebook is full of nostalgic bits, such as scans of original artwork for the game and snippets of background that he has written since as he seems to be an active member of the Mordheim facebook group too, which is cool. I remember losing vast amounts of time to the original Yahoo group from the original WD teasers of the background/artwork and even managed to get some bits into the magazine. It is really tempting to try and convert some of this stuff into WFRP articles.

My favourite piece on his page is an article for a new warband he was working on a while back that includes some more info on the fall of the city:

Monday, 7 May 2018

Going Old World

I mentioned a few posts back that I was going to be teaching some friends how to roleplay . That day was yesterday and involved some mad panics in the runup as I couldn't decide if I should go for WFRP 2nd edition (for easier transition to 4th in a month or two if they like it), or 3rd because I own most of it, but have never had a chance to see if it is actually any good if you look past all the mandatory cards and tokens.

In the end I decided that I'd spent time reading 2nd, so I should really stick to that and not have any last minute changes... I was in enough trouble as it was. Turns out all the panicking was for nothing though as everyone enjoyed the game. I'd settled on running the starter adventure Through the Drakwald, with a few tweaks. The original version sets it just after the Storm of Chaos campaign in the Old World, but as I sort of want to shift them over to the AoS universe, I moved the events to be at the start of the new Malign Portents campaign, where the dead are rising in insane quantities and marching on everyone. I left the locations the same as, who knows... someone may inadvertently call their new town Middenheim after something in the holy texts of Sigmar. The main change was swapping the initial mutant attack and the goblin attack into zombies instead. Given that we normally play zombie games anyway, it seemed thematically suitable for them all too.

In the opening scenes of the adventure, there is a rumour that the local priest has a holy relic. In typical player fashion, rather than following the main plotline that was being carefully guided by a crowd of people demanding to leave the area due to an oncoming horde of zombies... they were trying to think of various ways to get this thing off the priest and find out what it was... including (but not limited to) mugging him, putting him to sleep with magic and kidnapping. Thankfully one of the players had done roleplaying before and he managed to get things back on track without resorting to outright murder (which was also an  option being thrown around by the dwarf mercenary!). The expert marksman in the group was obviously drunk as he missed every single shot he made during the game, but passed every conversation test required... so I think we'll need to swap him over to be an academic type... for the safety of the local rabbit population.

Pretty sure I didn't follow the rules at all, but hey. They enjoyed it and, after a while, so did I. They all seem keen on trying again, so I guess I need to get planning so that when 4th edition comes out and work calms down a bit, we can try again. This time I need to work out what spells a starting mage actually gets, rather than giving her all the Petty magic (Arcane) spells from the beginning

Friday, 20 April 2018

Gaming tables

During the painting challenge I started to finally build my gaming table using a hex tool that I bought off kickstarter from a company called HexTerrain. These mdf tools make it easy to create a modular table, which for me is a godsend as I'm fickle and get really bored of the same layout all the time.

While it looks great, it was taking forever to cut out all the hexes for this little section, which isn't even 1/8th of my gaming table surface... plus I've not even started on hills, rivers, cliffs and the riser blocks needed to make the different levels of the table. One of the main challenges for this is getting the two layers of the template lined up correctly. As you can see from the current tiles, there are some gaps and misalignments that have come about due to the two sides being a little bit twisted.

In a mad flash of inspiration and a call to foam cutting service, I now have a *huge* box of machine cut hexes :D