Saturday, 19 January 2019

More weathering experiments

After the rust experiments the other week on the barriers and crates, it was time to try and tackle some more terrain for Necromunda. I've seen many tutorials using salt recently picked up some of the AK Interactive chipping liquid and wanted to see how that worked as, in theory, it should make life a bit easier than a bit of sponge but works best with an airbrush as it means less work to get it off.

I've had an airbrush for years, but never really had anywhere to set it up and play. Today I finally managed to unpack it and have a play. This is a bit of a teaser for a future Challenge entry, so the final steps won't be shown in this post, but will come as a part 2 after it is done.

The wall was initially undercoated black and then a rusty colour was sprayed over the top in a patchy way using some car undercoats, to give it a slightly mottled base layer. Over the rusty red areas I sprayed some of the chipping effect so that as the next few layers are pulled back, you'll start to see a rusty chip colour

Across the bottom two thirds, I put a layer of pale green. I think it is a tank interior, I can't remember from the sofa. Whatever it was, it has taken nearly an entire bottle of the paint to do all of the walls!  Do airbrushes really churn through paint really quickly? There are a lot of walls, so I guess it is fair enough.

Across the top half I went for a much lighter grey so it looks like the walls were originally pale grey and have slowly been covered up in grime.

Now the colours are on, it was just a case of taking a toothbrush, a little bit of water and scrubbing the wall a bit to reveal the rusty basecoat colour. As you can see, it can be worn of gently, or large chips.

It looks good enough to call done, but I want to dirty it up even more. You could just as easily replace the airbrush with some other cans of spray paint. I suspect you'll want model spray, rather than car spray as I'm not convinced that water would break up the car undercoat to give you the chipped effect.

The walls come from a great company called Blotz and are well worth adding to your Necromunda collection as it really adds to the atmosphere. Here are a couple of extra shots after they have been rusted up a bit with the last dregs of my Modelmates rust. Now I really do need to invest in a bottle of that other liquid and pray it really is the same stuff.

Below is an example set up on the kitchen floor as I got a bit carried away. Now I need to find a big table mat that looks like the underhive for when the tile sets are not enough

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Red Scoprions reinforcements!

I seem to have found a way of blitzing space marines in a way that, to me, is easy and quick. The greys on all of these were done in one 2 hour session with one of the large terrain drybrushes that GW sells. Turns out you can get some great control with one of those and churn out some nice looking armour. Next time I have to paint some Marines, which should be in a few weeks time when the next batch of Conquest arrives, I'll try and remember to do some stage by stage photos.

Some transfers have arrived for the shoulder pads, but I need to test them out as reports are not good. Apparently they are thick and don't take well to the curvature of the pads. I didn't fancy ruining these guys just in time to submit them for the AHPC. 

Starting the ball rolling in this set of reinforcements we have a Primaris captain in Gravis armour from the starter set. Another should be along at some point, so I can play around with poses and equipment later. One day I should have a read of the actual army lists to find out what they can take, rather than going with what looks nice as I have no idea how these all play!

The original batch of standard Primaris are boulstered by another 10. A number of these are the easy builds that came with Conquest. Issue one was 3 of these, plus a brush and 2 pots of paint for £2. It would have been rude not to buy extra copies to bulk out the force. You'll notice that throughout the force, all of the baseline infantry have their heads covered. Bare heads with power armour just seems like a dumb idea to me, so one in three of those figures are not being used as they have a helmet stuck to their leg. Once day I may have a go at cutting it off.

For a bit of fast attack we have 4 of the easy build Inceptors. Two more of these should turn up throughout the course of the Conquest series, eventually giving me two squads of these guys. I was tempted to try and buy some spare arms from ebay to make them a bit different, or add other weapon options, but at this point two squads with the assault bolters seems pretty good.  The OSL on these was done with some light dry brushing of the blues and was surprisingly quick and effective.

Recently the series added a squad of easy build aggressors to the army and the models are really really nice. I know a lot of people moan about these easy to build figures, but some of the monopose models are much nicer than the multipart kits as they can ensure that the pieces interlock properly and give a nice dynamic feel. These I really like as they still seem to be able to move in their chunky armour, unlike most of the old plastic Terminators (not counting the relatively recent Space Hulk ones)

5 Hellblasters will add a bit of punch to the force. Again, the OSL was all dry brushed on. 

These 5 Reavers were from the Kill Team box as the onesfrom before Christmas were the easy-builds with pistols and knives. By getting this kit, I've now got some different pistol/knife arm combos to use on the second batch of easy builds to round out that squad with some unique poses for two 5 man squads. If I ever want to bulk these out to 10 men each, I just need one retail box of Reavers

I know I said no bare heads, but the Lieutenant is my one exception to this as I really like the model.

I had a Contemptor dreadnought kicking around from the Horus Heresy board games, so I decided to add him to the lineup as well. As this was the plastic Contemptor, the pose was a bit naff, so a bit of hacking later and he is now striding forward and twisting at the waist to look a little bit more dynamic than the very static pose they decided to go for.

For now I only have a couple of extra figures left to complete for the army. I've not put the finishing touches to them yet as they were started before the painting challenge. I really should rectify that, even if it doesn't get me any extra points. This is the full crowd to date, including the bits from late last year. Not too shabby. 

Friday, 11 January 2019

Additional Cult reinforcements

I recently managed to get some of my Necromunda gang finished and submitted, under the guise of the Recon theme round.

Thanks to my current batch of territory, if I get to take all of my gang... or get really lucky with random draws, this is what my opponents can expect to get dropped into their backfield turn one.. with me going first ;)

I'm really looking forward to some of the new cult models and finding ways to sneak them into Necromunda. The new magus is especially nice

Monday, 24 December 2018

Painting challenge roundup 1

So far in this year's AHPC We've had a Crooked Dice Strawbear for 7TV, some buildings for Adeptus Titanicus, a Nurgle Blighthauler and the three chaos marines from Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress, for a total of 60 points.

Rust. AK Vs ModelMates

During this year's Analogue Hobbies challenge I have a lot of weathering that I need to do on Necromunda terrain and Nurgle marines. Can't have the underhive or Death Guard go un-rusted... it just wouldn't be right.

In the past I've used ModelMates rust effect and love it, but I'm running short of it and can't find any replacements online as it looks like they have closed. Quite a while ago apparently. I've used AK's slimy grime liquid to good effect before, so I thought I'd have a go with their Crusted Rust Deposits set as, not only is AK easy to get hold of, but they have a great reputation in scale model circles.

So, the challengers.

As you can see, three large pots vs one much smaller one. Surely the AK stuff will look much more effective, right?

The Crusted Rust set requires three progressive applications to get an interesting patina, starting with the dark deposits (that isn't really that dark) and working your way up to the light rust level in much smaller quantities where you want some newer rust. Kinda tricky to get something that looks ok.

The old Modelmates? One coat slapped/stippled on and just left to do its thing over a few minutes while it dries. Simples, to quote some meerkats.

On the left we have ModelMates. On the right we have the AK stuff after a few attempts.

For simplicity sake, Modelmates would be my go-to choice for rust, if they still existed. The AK set was a bit too fiddly to get looking half way decent and, for the gaming table, is a bit too subtle. The dark and medium ones will be useful for dirtying things up a bit, but the light really looks wrong in terms of how bright it is.

A bit of digging on the internet seems to imply that the Modelmates rust effect is the same as Dirty Down's Rust effect for movie props, which means it comes in much much bigger pots, so you can get twice as much for the same price as the original ModelMates pots from the likes of

I may have a go at using the two together to see what can be done on larger surfaces...

Saturday, 22 December 2018

Cult mining bot for Necromunda

Recently some friends and I have been attempting to play a Necromunda campaign. The going is quite slow as we're all rather busy. I've gone for my ever favourite Genestealer Cult, even though it doesn't have quite as much support as the primary 6. Having said that, it is giving me time to work on my cult force between games and piece together any new acquisitions and some sneaky plans are forming, thanks to some great territory acquisitions.

After a very successful (scarily so) spook harvesting session in my second game of the campaign I ended up rolling in cash with enough reputation points to go hire me a little buddy in the form of an Ambot. Ambots are mining bots, which fits nicely with the cult's mining theme. I took one of the Forgeworld bots as a base and decided to make it more like a purestrain as, for some reason, we can't have one in the cult yet. I can't wait to see the look on my opponent's face when this thing infiltrates at the start of the game... along with half my gang coming up through the Tunnels... and then seeing them all go first thanks to the Toll Booth 

Now I just need to grow the gang enough to get more aberrants to appear from the Tunnels, rather than rifle toting cultists

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Core Space Day

Last weekend Battlesystems held an open day for their kickstarter game, Core Space at Board in Brum. After a bit of debating, I went along to give it a try, fully expecting to only get a chance for one or two turns. In the end, I managed to join a 4 crew game and experience the whole glorious thing, end to end.

Core Space feels like Firefly with robots instead of Reavers. Each player commands 3 crew members of separate "trader" crews. Each crew enters from their ship and has to compete for the goal, while fending off ever growing numbers of robots, patrolling police enforcers and the occasional civilian. The photos below are all on the game boards using 3d prints of the figures; the production ones have even more detail. Our game was quite tense all the way through. It started off with a nice simple objective of collecting two pieces of McGuffin to release the lockdown on all the ships and we could have just found two between the 4 crews, but once they had been gathered... things went sideways.

By this point we had gathered quite a lot of enemies on the board as well.

At the end I was one action away from winning when one of the other crews decided that, rather than fight off the oncoming hordes, he'd shoot me in the back...

All in all, very enjoyable, especially as it can be solo'd as well.