Thursday 21 May 2020

The joys of printing

I mentioned the other day that I bought a 3d printer, well lockdown finally gave me that kick to use it properly and start learning how to use Blender to make my own models as everything I could find didn't quite fit the aesthetics I wanted. A few years back when I was on a resin casting kick, I tried sculpting/casting an extra wall to go with the GW Garden of Morr set as I loved the style... but hated all the skulls on it all. That didn't go so well as the plaster started to disinegrate in the wet rubber.

Roll forward a few years and I've not only managed to create some straight walls that fit nicely, but I've managed to create a full set of walls for the table and I'm over the moon with how well they have come out.  The set also includes a small gateway, like the Secret Garden and a collapsed section... but also includes a lychgate. It is for a cemetary after all.

Given that these are my first ever 3d models, I was a little wary of doing anything with them, but I was finally convinced the other day to let others have them as well. It's not like I've got enough of a following to try and sell them yet... so they are now available for free on

Future models will also be added there too. Enjoy! and if you print them, please let me know, I'd love to see them in use!


  1. They look brilliant! So you have designed these yourself or tinkered with an existing file?

    1. All mine from scratch :)
      The first one took about 2 hours from learning how to deform a shape in Blender to having it on the printer, running a test. I'm sure people who do this for an actual job will hate the way I did it as I really doubt it is optimised in any way, but I created a couple of textured brick shapes... and then built a wall out of them. The only other additions are a small base plate to make sure that it has a flatsurface to print from and a thin vertical cube inside so the bricks intersect with something for support.

    2. Amazing! Even more impressed now.

  2. Looks brilliant dude. Nice expansion to the table.