Thursday 13 January 2022

Out on the banks of a river...

 Over on DakkaDakka there's a regular terrain challenge that I've started to take part in thanks to the modular boards. While most people take the themes and try to create one piece of terrain like a building, I've been trying to take the theme and convert it into a new set of tiles to add. The last one ended up in the swamps, even though it started as a book/reading spot related thing. If you go back to the first tile for the swamps a few posts ago you can see the books all piled up by someone.

This time the theme is Crossings, so I've chosen the obvious of a river crossing or two. This necessitates the creation of an entire river for the table too as I don't have one of those yet! The first trial was just a flat tile with the river painted onto it... but it just felt like a real copout in terms of opportunities, so I manufactured a new tile type with two raised sides, allowing for the creation of some banked river tiles

Above, you can see one half of the low tide gravelly path across the river. It looks/feels a little bit too high though. I should probably have just painted it underneath the river instead of trying to gravel the whole thing... ah well! There will be a few more layers of different blues over this, followed by some modpodge for a bit of texture and shine.

The finished version along with the bridge and about another 12 river tiles (possibly more, I forget...) will be shown later as they are also going into the Analogue Hobbies challenge

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