Thursday 6 January 2022

The webways open...

 I swore I wasn't going to do any more 40k after painting a guard army last year where every. single. squad. was *EXACTLY THE SAME*. It *looks* great, but it was painful to paint. For 2022 my brain has decided that it'd be a *brilliant* idea to convert up a Ynnari army so I can collect/convert bits from the three Eldar armies and buy the shiny new bits when they come out. Thanks brain. Thanks a bunch... you know I don't actually play 40k so why the hell do I need/want to buy another army I'll never use?! 

Oh Kill Team you say?

So one order later I seem to be making lots of neat conversions. I'm trying not to think how much it's costing but it looks pretty so far! For those that missed them, a while back the Eldar managed to waken up their god of the dead, who now protects it's worshippers from having their souls eaten by Slaanesh when they die. This has caused a schism and now a 4th eldar faction exists (Ynnari) that can use a lot of the unit choices from all of the other eldar armies. 

The first Kabalite squad being constructed is going to be a Trueborn one, a bunch of natural born dark eldar who think they are better than everyone else... of course they need to look posher than anyone else. So what better than the bird masks from the Scourges, cloaks from the old Warhammer Shadow Warriors and a greenstuff fur collar to match the Visarch model from the very very small Ynnari range. They have been de-spiked to give them a sleeker look that sits somewhere between the smooth Craftworld armour and the spiky Dark Eldar stuff

After playing around with him a bit, I moved onto the really nice Inkubi kit, which is really nice but also too spikey for the theme. They come with massive skull helmets, which feel a bit ott in a force that is moving away from the torture/pain/slavery thing of the Dark Eldar and more towards decadence. Using the Kabalite helmets here makes them fit with the Visarch as his bodyguards. It feels like they also need to have some fur and cloaks on somewhere.

They are supposed to have big spikey back decoration. I've left this on the boss, but want to add back banners to everyone else instead. This *may* get expensive though as you only get one of these per Kabalite box... and I really don't need that many basic grunts; especially not for Kill Team! I may need to take that one off and make an alternative, but at least I can see the concept.

Then there are the Wyches. The Visarch (who I will buy/paint at some point soon) has some ornate armour with plenty of decoration on the knees, so for the wych cult it made sense to use the Idoneth Deepkin archers as they have some really nice lower armour, very dynamic poses (who thought archers bouncing all over the place was a good concept?), but have bare chests which fits with the wych/pit fighter concept. The Wych arms fit really nicely, but the heads need a bit of trimming to work, but in the end look pretty good.

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