Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Mordheim background

Every now and then you follow someone on Facebook that you should have followed a looooooong time ago. This morning's discovery is Tuomas Pirinen, the author of one of my favourite games/settings.... Mordheim.

His facebook is full of nostalgic bits, such as scans of original artwork for the game and snippets of background that he has written since as he seems to be an active member of the Mordheim facebook group too, which is cool. I remember losing vast amounts of time to the original Yahoo group from the original WD teasers of the background/artwork and even managed to get some bits into the magazine. It is really tempting to try and convert some of this stuff into WFRP articles.

My favourite piece on his page is an article for a new warband he was working on a while back that includes some more info on the fall of the city: https://www.facebook.com/DesignbyTuomasPirinen/posts/1790486687866421

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  1. I did like the setting for Mordhiem. Wished I'd picked up more of it and kept hold of it all.