Monday, 7 May 2018

Going Old World

I mentioned a few posts back that I was going to be teaching some friends how to roleplay . That day was yesterday and involved some mad panics in the runup as I couldn't decide if I should go for WFRP 2nd edition (for easier transition to 4th in a month or two if they like it), or 3rd because I own most of it, but have never had a chance to see if it is actually any good if you look past all the mandatory cards and tokens.

In the end I decided that I'd spent time reading 2nd, so I should really stick to that and not have any last minute changes... I was in enough trouble as it was. Turns out all the panicking was for nothing though as everyone enjoyed the game. I'd settled on running the starter adventure Through the Drakwald, with a few tweaks. The original version sets it just after the Storm of Chaos campaign in the Old World, but as I sort of want to shift them over to the AoS universe, I moved the events to be at the start of the new Malign Portents campaign, where the dead are rising in insane quantities and marching on everyone. I left the locations the same as, who knows... someone may inadvertently call their new town Middenheim after something in the holy texts of Sigmar. The main change was swapping the initial mutant attack and the goblin attack into zombies instead. Given that we normally play zombie games anyway, it seemed thematically suitable for them all too.

In the opening scenes of the adventure, there is a rumour that the local priest has a holy relic. In typical player fashion, rather than following the main plotline that was being carefully guided by a crowd of people demanding to leave the area due to an oncoming horde of zombies... they were trying to think of various ways to get this thing off the priest and find out what it was... including (but not limited to) mugging him, putting him to sleep with magic and kidnapping. Thankfully one of the players had done roleplaying before and he managed to get things back on track without resorting to outright murder (which was also an  option being thrown around by the dwarf mercenary!). The expert marksman in the group was obviously drunk as he missed every single shot he made during the game, but passed every conversation test required... so I think we'll need to swap him over to be an academic type... for the safety of the local rabbit population.

Pretty sure I didn't follow the rules at all, but hey. They enjoyed it and, after a while, so did I. They all seem keen on trying again, so I guess I need to get planning so that when 4th edition comes out and work calms down a bit, we can try again. This time I need to work out what spells a starting mage actually gets, rather than giving her all the Petty magic (Arcane) spells from the beginning


  1. Sounds fun. Something we never really got into at school and only tried once.

    1. It was. I've not really GM'd properly before, so it was an interesting challenge for me... especially as I don't really like talking, even to friends. It will be interesting to see if they all want to try again