Friday, 20 April 2018

Gaming tables

During the painting challenge I started to finally build my gaming table using a hex tool that I bought off kickstarter from a company called HexTerrain. These mdf tools make it easy to create a modular table, which for me is a godsend as I'm fickle and get really bored of the same layout all the time.

While it looks great, it was taking forever to cut out all the hexes for this little section, which isn't even 1/8th of my gaming table surface... plus I've not even started on hills, rivers, cliffs and the riser blocks needed to make the different levels of the table. One of the main challenges for this is getting the two layers of the template lined up correctly. As you can see from the current tiles, there are some gaps and misalignments that have come about due to the two sides being a little bit twisted.

In a mad flash of inspiration and a call to foam cutting service, I now have a *huge* box of machine cut hexes :D


  1. Ooo great idea. Just need to stack and paint!

    1. That would have been the plan... if I'd been bright enough to order them the same thickness as the current hexes. Sadly they are about three times as thick. Still... slicing is a lot quicker to do than slicing the large sheets and cutting the hexes first though ;)

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