Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Old world, New world

One of my first role-play experiences was with GW's WFRP, so when a friend's son asked to play his first ever roleplaying session for his birthday it seemed a no-brainer that it should be WFRP. Amusingly, this came just after the announcement that Cubicle7's new edition comes out in June at UK Games Expo.

Sadly this is a few weeks after Dec's birthday, so I'm going to have to start an intro session with 2nd edition. If things go well and there are requests for more sessions, I'll try and switch to the new one. My only sadness is that there still isn't a release date (or in fact any news) for the Age of Sigmar rpg set yet as this would have been my preference. I was a big disappointed when the Old World got blown up, but the more I read the AoS books the more I'm enjoying the fresh start to Warhammer and all the crazy stuff they are coming out with. Cities on the back of giant worms; blind, underwater elves with giant turtles and dwarves in flying ships... it is going more and more Moorecock with each release. While we wait for that book to drop, I'm going to try updating some of the Old World adventures to be set in the new Realms.

The plus side to this is that I get to spend my evenings in hotels at the moment doing a bit of writing towards this.

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