Sunday, 15 April 2018

Resuming blogging

It I about time I started writing stuff down. Sadly I missed the last few weeks of the APC this year and dropped in the rankings. I had grand plans to finish lots of different projects, but in the end got sidetracked with a number of new clients at work that required travel. Thankfully I did manage to close off a couple of projects and start the long awaited terrain project. The full gallery of bits and pieces can be found on my Google Photos.

The plus side to this year is that I have already achieved two of my secret goals. The first was to get one of my figures up on the GW main site. You can still see it there along side the official Great Unclean One images :D

The second was to actually enter a painting competition in my local GW. Just after the end of APC they ran a competition where everyone had to paint the special edition terminator captain. I was the only one that did any updates to the figure, by including the Deathwatch pad and icon on the Iron Halo.

I'm very pleased to say that he came in second place, much to the slight disgust (I'm sure) of all the regulars as I only ever go in to buy paint and leave straight away. They must have been "Who is this guy and why is he entering our competition?!" The guy who came in first had done some very very smooth transitions on the armour and some freehand iconography, so I'm not surprised he came in first. People did assume the shoulder pad on mine was a transfer though, which is a nice compliment. I wasn't convinced the red circle was quite good enough, which is why there are scratches and chips all over it.

Next self-challenge is to enter more of the local competitions and improve the smoothness of the painting a bit more.


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    1. Now to try and *stay* back for more than two or three posts in a row :D

  2. Excellent painting, love the building of color in the shapes of the models.

    1. Thanks! These two were fun to paint in more detail, rather than trying to get things finished for the challenge