Monday, 19 September 2016

Re-opening the Tower

As I mentioned on saturday, I have actually painted some stuff over the past few months... I've just been godawful at updating here. This next batch is the start of Silver Tower, the new Warhammer Quest edition.

I never got around to painting the free Sigmarite on WD, so as this was going to be my first dive into painting for the new Warhammer universe, what better figure to start with than the Sigmarite Questor. Rather than painting him in the studio gold scheme, I opted for a dark turquoise and silver. I really liking this colour scheme, so the other Sigmarite characters will end up with the same scheme.

As Silver Tower is Tzeentch based, what better place to start than with one of the Pink Horrors?! This was actually quite a simple one to do with a series of washes over a white undercoat. We will see if I can get a similar feel on the other one when I get around to it!
A new addition to the Horror theme are these little things. We all know that when you kill a Pink, it splits into two Blues... but magic is strong within the Tower, so killing a Blue splits it into two of these sets of things. They look like fire... so fire they became. It took a couple of attempts to get these right as they were too white the first time around, but this version captures the magical essence.