Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Oh the Horror(s)!

In a weird twist on the usual one or two posts and then radio silence for months... I've actually got another update or two for you already lined up!

Rounding off the Horrors part of the Silver tower box set is the remaining Pink and four Blues.

The right hand one of these Pink Horrors you saw in the last update, but the left had one features a minor adjustment to his hand and tentacles to try and vary it slightly. I suspect some of the tweaks are too small to notice, even side by side... so I'm not entirely sure why I bothered! Still. Two Pinks now done. Like the last one, this was a series of pinky purple washes over a white undercoat with some green and purple inks over the top to give it some variation in tones and show the constantly evolving nature of the beast
The Blues were done in the same manner, but using a bright blue over the white instead. I still used purple washes in the shade and on some of the features to tie them into the Pink Horrors

I'm not 100% convinced that the yellow highlights from the flames work, but still. They are weird, magical creatures... so who knows how they react

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