Thursday, 22 September 2016

Winding back to '47 for a bit

In a dramatic change of pace for recent posts, we're now winding back to an alternate 1947 where WW2 is still going strong. These were originally bought to go with my Bolt Action Commandos, but with the release of Konflikt '47 they have changed purpose slightly...

I need to have a proper think about what I want my weird war to be. the Konflikt universe is... ok, but feels like a copy of Dust and SoTR blended together, with some of the more interesting things taken out and (to date) not all that much new added back in other than the automatons for Britain. I've been reading the Dust and Achtung! Cthulhu rpg books recently that make me want to go through and create my own timeline that picks the best bits form all of them to make it more interesting as I want to blend in mythos and magic with technology and super heroes.


The M10 Wolverine has remained unchanged, except for the addition of one of the Carrier crew being added instead of the provided gunners. While this is a really nice tank kit, I wasn't overly keen on the crew that came with it. There was something about the detailing that looked off compared to the rest of the Warlord plastics, so I decided to add one of the passengers from the Universal Carrier kit to the open turret and one of the tarps to the front for a bit of stowage.

One thing that I decided upon was that these tanks should look a little bit more lived in than would normally see service. The allies are also being pushed really hard, so all their older tank designs are rolling straight out of the factories and into the warzone without any markings as no-one has the time or resources to apply them any more. 

With Konflikt, the British forces gain more automated units as Turing turns his hand to robotics and advanced logic systems. An interesting one that is in the rulebook is an automated carrier. Technically these things are supposed to come with twin HMGs, but I decided that a twin bren on a larger hopper/turrety thing (who knows what it actually is) might be better than slapping some Imperial Guard machine guns on it. Besides which, these could feature armour piercing ammo and improved feed mechanisms, which equates to a similar thing. To make it look more like an automated thing, I've covered over the crew compartment and added some lens/light things to the front. I've no idea if it is supposed to retain the passenger section, but it is now.

And to put them in scale/context, here they both are next to two of the soldiers finished last month


  1. More cracking work Paul, I've been interested in this for a while, but so far resisted yet anther diversion.

    1. I figure that Weird War 2 is one of the most versatile as everything can be used for standard Bolt Action, 7TV or Pulp Alley games too... so four game systems in one set of figures.