Saturday, 17 September 2016

Heresy recommenced

Looking back through the blog I notice that in one of the very few updates this year I started to show some of the progress on by Betrayal at Calth and Silver Tower box sets. I can't believe I never actually posted finished versions of anything. As I mentioned last time, I'm painting up the full box as Imperial Fists so that I have some options when facing off against some friends. Still not sure if I shouldn't pick up a second copy for a chaos force as well as I can't actually play the game at home any more. Then again, there was the leaked preview of the next Horus Heresy boxed game this morning, so that may be mostly painted up as Thousand Sons instead of the even split.

Anyhoo. The BaC box is still unfinished, but it is looking nice so far...

The captain is wearing a nice set of gold duds, with a shiny new combi-pistol (I forgot to heat-colour the barrels!). I considered converting it, but the kit is so well designed that the pieces only really fit in one way, so it would have taken a fair bit to hack it apart.

The Word Bearer character has become an Imperial Fist champion instead. This one had some hands removed and a head swap to bring him more in line with chapter equipment and give him that IF feel. The power fist he has is intended to be a Solarite Power Gauntlet.

I've only done 5 tactical marines so far, but these were far more enjoyable to paint than the Red Scorpions I did years ago. Now I just need to get around to the other 25! The simplest way to paint these was to leave off the pads, guns, pack and head until the main colours have been finished. Transfers and weathering can then be done. These are also the first marines that I've painted on the new larger bases. They look so much better than on the smaller bases

For now, the last set is the terminator squad. In the HH ruleset, the Imperial Fists are allowed to use assault cannons instead of Autocannons. As I had a spare one kicking around in the bitz box, it made sense to upgrade the heavy flamer arm to the assault cannon.

I've still got the dreadnought and a pile more marines left in the sprue mountain for when I need to paint something yellow.


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    1. Thanks! I'm more than a little bit pleased with them. I'm nervous about going back nearly 6 months later to try and do the rest now though :/