Friday, 16 September 2016

Secrit Santas & an actual update!

So, it is that time of year where Chris, Ian and Cath start polling for the secret santas for this year. As always, I'll be in for both as they are the highlight of my year. Who doesn't like getting mystery presents through the post? Go sign up!

Which reminds me... I still owe a model for last year's Analogue painting competition too. Must get back to that one before this year's competition starts!

Speaking of getting back to things, today has been the first time in weeks that I've not been working (I kid you not), so it was nice to unwind a bit with some painting. My Commando force now has some slightly heavier support. The base is still waiting for some flowers to go on it, but nearly done. The white at the front is my impatience... so the glue on the grass was still wet when taking this photo ;)


  1. Damn, you've just reminded me, I haven't posted my figure off to Curt yet!!

    1. Yeah, time seems to really fly these days. It only feels like a month or so since the last challenge finished :/