Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Questing ever onwards

This year has seen a lot of changes going on at GW HQ. Last year I'd pretty much decided not to buy from them again. This year they just keep on delivering great boxed games that harken back to the pieces of the universe that interested me most. First we had the Genestealer Cult making a comeback in Deathwatch:Overkill and now a version of Warhammer Quest is coming out. Granted, the new WQ is a far cry from the original, but it is a start and can be expanded upon easily enough with campaign books/boxes and digital content to add in campaign elements beyond the Silver Tower.

 Ever since I lost access to my original version of WQ I've been looking for a good alternative. Dungeon Saga was supposed to be that replacement, but for me it failed to deliver on a lot of what I was looking for. Sadly I already know that this is missing the same bits DS failed to live up to with the character advancement and more rpg-lite elements, but the random dungeon elements do (from the previews) seem to be a lot more cohesive and easier to build upon. Even if it turns out it isn't "the thing" it is another source to crib from if I ever get back to writing my own.

On the plus side, it has some wonderful models that look like they will be fun to paint. I've seen people complaining about the "cartoony" look of the new models though. Did they ever look at the old WQ figures?! I know which ones I prefer:

I do have to admit that I was one of those people that never gave Age of Sigmar a chance and wrote it off based on a few photos and a pang of loss at the universe that I'd grown up with, even though hadn't gamed in for years!. Shame on me. Some conversations with friends who hate started AoS and the release of Silver Tower has ignited an interest in what is actually happening in this new world. I'll probably have a read through some of the books over the coming months to see how I can twist Silver Tower into other settings.

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