Monday, 16 May 2016

Silence breaks with the fall of some promises...

So, first up my apologies for the silence (work, work, work!) and the fact that I still need to post out the loot from the painting challenge! I'll try and sort those this week. Adam, could you please PM me your address so I can send you a Frostgrave prize? :)

Unlike previous years, I am still painting after the challenge, so I obviously didn't work hard enough to get burnt out... which is probably a good thing all considered. the current mini project is working my way through some of the Space Marines from GW's boxed game, Betrayal at Calth. I've tried painting Space Marines before, but I could never quite get the hang of painting the armour, but the armour design included in this box was always my favourite, so I had to have another go. The friends that I'm likely to play Calth against have their own set of the game, so I've decided to paint up all of the models in one colour scheme to have a wider selection of options.

I'm glad I did give them aother chance... the quality of these is leaps and bounds better than the ones I had to work with before. I've seen quite  few complaints about the right hand being part of the bolter, rather than the arm. To be honest, this is a genuis move on GWs part as it makes the construction so much easier. I always get carried away with plastic kits and stick them all together and end up fighting with bits that didn't get undercoated properly. This time around I've gone for the partial build assembly line version and it seems to be so much easier!

I've chosen a slightly brighter colour scheme this time around. Past attempts were either our store Ultramarines *yawn*, or some Red Scorpions based on the Forgeworld resin parts. This time I've gone for Imperial Fists as a change. My Guard ended up a drab brown with ochre accents, so they should work nicely as allied Imperial Army allies.

I've never been a massive fan of the bright canary yellow you see promoted by most GW books, so I decided to go for a more muted, ochre colour instead; which I'm much happier with. The one on the right looks like he is going to be rocking out with a guitar with that pose!

The transfers arrived on Friday, so once I've got a number of them ready, I'll go back, put all the chapter markings on them and pray the final varnish doesn't ruin them all.


  1. I'm loving the colour, very subtle and has that campaign look about it.

    1. ...and I havn't even done the dirt yet :)