Tuesday, 17 May 2016

First steps into the Age of Sgmar

With the clock slowly ticking down until Silver Tower's release this weekend, I've been reading my first ever piece of fluff in the Age of Sigmar. Rather than trying to get a very high level view, I opted for finding an interesting looking piece of new fluff that concentrates on one specific aspect of the world. The Flesh-eater Courts (now there is a Google images search you don't want to do at lunchtime!).

As you can tell from the cover image, this is a re imagining of the old fantasy Ghoul stereotype. Yes, they are flesh eating degenerates to everyone else... but to each other, they are a shining paragon of virtue; defending their realms honourably in suits of gleaming armour.

You feel sorry for them in a weird kind of way as most of them ended up as these delusional misfits through no fault of their own and in some cases, believe they are still doing good, even if everyone else knows they are effectively a living plague. Even other undead shun them as being "not proper". It is a simple little addition to the backstory that makes them that little bit more interesting to play and sparks ideas for conversions as well as roleplaying opportunities.

There are a few little story snippets or ideas throughout the book that would make fantastic little plot hooks for adventures, such as an adventurer fighting his way through hordes of Ghouls to where their treasure lays. I won't spoil the surprise. I could also see some fun in playing a Ghoul character (or having an NPC turn up) that is utterly convinced he is a noble questing knight, leading to the other characters have to decide if they just kill him, or allow his delusions to run their course while it helps them in their quest.

If this is a sign of how the new world is panning out, I hold up my hand and outright apologise to AoS for spurning it for so long. We shall see how some of the other books go.

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