Saturday, 14 November 2015

Warfare in the old west

Today was Warfare, Reading's annual gaming event that brings people from far and wide. It is, as usual, being held in the Rivermead sports centre, which is also where I spend my monday evenings hitting people with pointy bits of metal.

There were plenty of demo games being put on, but my main aim was to go and try the Fistful of Lead demo being put on by Wessex Wargamers. I've been watching the terrain come together on Jim's Wargame Workbench over the last month or so and can safely say everything looks just as great in person. Big thanks to the guys for putting on a fun game. I can't wait to find out what happened to the gold after it was saved from the rampaging Mexican banditos and my "freelance money collectors". We failed to stop the wagon getting to the train, despite the large amount of carnage across the board, so it was making it's way back to town when we left. Oh, did I mention the revised rules are currently on Kickstarter (isn't everything these days?)

We all had so much fun I suspect there will be an Old West project in the new year once I've painted my way through some more of the backlog and I have a gaming room all of my own. The Old West threads are always the most characterful on the Lead Adventure forums.

The haul from today is surprisingly small and mostly spray paint, a few bits of scatter terrain from Ainsty and two small buildings (a stable and a chicken coop) from Warbases. There would have been a lot more, but I couldn't decide between Black Scorpion or Dead Man's Hand for cowboys and the Old West buildings were limited to 4Ground. DMH fit with most other manufacturers, but DS are very very pretty and they have a lot more lined up for next year... choices choices.

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