Saturday, 14 November 2015

Edge: The Loner

I forgot to mention this earlier, but for those of you with Amazon Prime accounts there is a fantastic new western in their new set of potential new series.

The series is Edge: The Loner and is based upon the Edge books by George G. Gilman (which I've not read yet) and features Max Martini as the wandering loner. One can only assume that he is trying to make up for being in the 50 Shades of Grey film series... at least IMDB tells me he was in them; I've managed to safely avoid these. It also features Yvonne Strahovski, better known as Sarah from Chuck, as an undercover Pinkerton. I assume in the books this is a recurring character as it is certainly hinted at.

If I didn't know this was from Shane Black (writer of Lethal Weapon, Monster Squad and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), I would have sworn it was Tarantino trying to do a tv series. The pilot is over the top and certainly not for the faint hearted as it pulls no punches when showing some of the gunfights, but it is a highly enjoyable pulpy western that could, if it gets picked up for a full season, pan out to be something pretty cool.

This may be partially responsible for how much I enjoyed the Fistful of Lead demo earlier...


  1. That might be worth a look, thanks for the tip off.

    1. Don't forget to vote for more of it on the amazon site too ;)

  2. Looks cool just had a gander. Thanks for the heads up