Thursday, 5 November 2015

Dungeon Saga Card Reference List

Yesterday I realised that I've been poking through the various Dungeon Saga boxes, admiring the figures and tiles and flicking through the books, but havn't actually had a proper look at the hundreds of cards that are included. My main concern here has been knowing what is in each of the packs in order to try the beginner adventures as there is a small pack called "Open these first". This pack contains a few of the basics that are needed to teach the game.

Thanks to my inability to sleep last night, I now have a nice little sortable spreadsheet with nearly every card listed. Some of the cards are a little hard to add as there are no unique identifiable bits of text on them. A little more pondering is needed for these cards.

A few people on the Mantic forums asked about access to the file, so I've added it to my google drive for people to use. It is currently read only as I want to at least finish the cards first.

If you're interested you can access it here, or on the new Dungeon Saga project page up at the top ^^^

It looks like it is no longer just a card reference list. I've just added
  • Pre-generated Characters
  • Character creator races
  • Character creator careers
  • Bestiary
The Bestiary includes all references to every unit listing, even if I know it is elsewhere. At some point I'd like to work out if they are all the same stats, or if there are differences.

Next up... all the adventures!

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