Sunday, 25 October 2015

Project review part 2... and 40,000 views

As you've probably noticed, I go through phases of trying out different periods and styles of things as my other interests shift around. The last 12 months has seen Wars of the Roses and Napoleonics making an appearance due to various books and tv programs sparking an interest in the eras; plus I'd never tried painting either before.

Wars of the Roses

Last year's challenge saw the creation of a small force for Lion Rampant using the four Perry plastic sets. I love the kits and really enjoyed painting up the units I did complete, but I've never been back to create the second force for one reason or another... so last year's hard work is sat gathering dust along with the pile of sprues for the other, matching, force which makes me a little sad every time I see them.

I don't think I have enough of an interest to expand the force beyond this to do larger battles, so I'm seriously contemplating their future. At present I'm thinking these should go to someone who wants a new addition to their WotR force while I use some of the sprues to create some generic fantasy human henchmen for Advanced Heroquest and Dungeon Saga.

If anyone is interested, message me, otherwise I'll be attempting selling on feebay for the first time in my life


These are definitely not going up to battalion level, but I like the look of them and the idea of having small skirmishes using Sharpe Practice, so the Napoleonics are staying and will eventually expand unit by unit. The metal figures from the Warlord box are joining this unit, but all the other plastics in this squad are going spare and can join the sale pile as there are only so many marching soldiers you need for a skirmish

Shadows of Brimstone

Shadows of Brimstone ticks lots of boxes in terms of campaign adventures, solo play and plenty of reusable monsters for Strange Aeons and Weird War/mythos games in general, so this isn't going anywhere either. It does, on the other hand, need some new human figures as the detail and size of the core box ones are awful (imo). I know other people are happy with them, but I'm a picky so and s. Black Scorpion do some great looking heroes, but I also need some ghostly prospectors, demonic indians and undead soldiers which will pose a slightly harder set to replace. Once thing at a time though...

I should probably spend the next week or two sticking together and filling in all the (massive) gaps on the monsters as they should be quite easy to blast through over Christmas, adding to the list of challenge material. You never know, I may get around to running a campaign with it in the new year too.

Warhammer Quest / Dungeon Saga / Fantasy skirmish

The old Warhammer Quest project is still sat there, fizzling away in the background, but can be merged with the Dungeon Saga one in the next month or so as they can both use the same figures, tiles etc. It may even turn out that I don't need the WQ project any more, it depends how well the DS ruleset turns out. All the fantasy figures painted last year can easily shift across as well. The heroes from Zombicide Black Plague will do double duty here as well, which should be good.

I still have the files kicking around for the laser cut mdf dungeon tiles too. I need to get back to those and get all the components for Heroquest, Advanced Heroquest and Warhammer Quest cut out. It will be fun converting some of those adventures over to Dungeon Saga.

Bolt Action

I think Bolt Action as a system is going to stop, but the small forces gathered to date will work perfectly in other skirmish systems like Strange Aeons and 7TV in WW2 settings. I don't need to expand the existing forces, but I do need to paint up the Germans and get them some Heer officers and a hanomag or Opel truck at some point for a bit of terrain.

The Germans have been in  the painting queue for the last two years, so should really move up to the top of the pile this year!


This is another one that can go. I've not played in a long time and the rules/meta have moved on a lot since my last game. With so many other things still in the project list I can safely package up my Aleph and wave them goodbye


I've only played this once, but it was really good fun. Last year someone kindly bought me a load of vikings for my Secret Santa present so these are definitely in this year's painting pile. I think I've got enough to make a Viking force and a Jomsviking one too so I have something to fight against and introduce some friends to the joys. Again, these are also useful in SA or 7TV... just imagine a viking warband going up against some big monsters. I need to pick up the board/dice for the Saga Revenants too as I already have a necromancer and plenty of zombies.

40K - Imperial Guard

This one is a tough call. I spent a lot of time and effort on this army, but I havn't used it in years; not since Adrian moved away. I had fun building it, but never quite got it to look how I wanted and certainly never won with it as it was a fluffy build, rather than a WAAC list.  Keeping this sitting around seems like a massive waste of space as I've not been keen on the evolution of 40k in it's recent incarnations and I don't like playing competitively. It is also taking up a lot of shelf space with the tanks and walkers.

I need to get it all out, photograph it properly, work out how much it should go for and see if anyone is interested; along with the massive bitz pile, some skitarri sprues and some grey knight sprues.

So across the last two posts I seem to have decided to cull 5 ongoing projects in favour of some small units of things to use in Strange Aeons or 7TV. That works for me as it caters to the magpie/butterfly brain. It will be a bit sad to see some go, but they aren't being used so someone else should get some enjoyment out of them.


  1. Its always a shame when you fall out of love with figures, but at least you've got plans for other stuff to paint up.

    1. Some of it isn't so much falling out of love with them, more a case of trying to be pragmatic and see if I'm actually going to complete a project and if there is any reason to keep them hanging around.

  2. That's quite a cull, but something that I probably should do myself and congratulations on the milestone.