Sunday, 25 October 2015

An actual painting update

For the first time in a while I managed to get the painting table out. You know full well this is because I'm supposed to be revising for an exam though, so finishing off a couple of bits is more distraction than help... but hey. At least a couple of bits of terrain are now done.

Unfortunately, with the lightbox packed away at the moment, the photos are a bit washed out so you can't see some of the colourings. I'll have to come back and revisit these at some point

The TARDIS is a nice little model, but this afternoon I was a little shaky, so I didn't fancy attempting the white writing. I'll have to return to that at some point in the future.  This will work nicely as a random piece of terrain in historicals (for fun), time travelling transportation in pulp games and as an actual phone box in pulp games too. Versatile or what?

The other piece of terrain came from 36 Chambers on Ebay. and is a great little piece of cover for my ww2/pulp village. I've been thinking of making one for a while, but for £6 it seemed too good an offer.

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  1. That Anderson shelter is a great find and what a fabulous job you've done on it.