Friday, 23 October 2015

Project review part 1...

With the approach of November, minds turn to Curt's painting challenge. I've no idea if it is on again this year or not, but I really do need to get back to painting regularly anyway, so what better way to get the mind prepared than to review all the partially completed (or in some cases completed) projects and see what can go and what can stay.


First up is Jugula. You may remember last year I painted up the 8 gladiators for this one in the painting challenge, which made it the only project I've ever truly completed to the point that everything I own for it is painted.

The plus points:
- I like the system
- It is, to a certain extent, a finished project. At least to the point of having two identical teams to play with.

The negative points:
- If I want to expand it (which is a near certainty if I ever play it), I need to paint more of the 40mm figures, which I didn't enjoy.
- We havn't played it at all since finishing it.
- The figure scale means it can't be used for other games as well.

I'm thinking, for me, this game would be better at 28mm so the figures can be used for 7tv and other gladiatorial games as well, providing a bit more flexibility.

So it looks like this one is coming down on the sell site of things at the moment, unless anyone else has some good arguments otherwise?

If anyone is interested, I'd be looking to sell these together, with the deluxe mat, the rest of the shield transfers and the remains of two Familia 1 weapon packs that will allow you to customise any future gladiators. RRP for this lot is £75, prior to painting. Quick note, this does not include cards or rules.


Kingdom Death

This one is staying. I've been waiting 3 years for this one and the two sessions I've tried so far have shown the wait was well worth it. The models, while slightly larger than the rest of my collection, look like they will be nice to paint up once I've worked out where all the little tiny bits go on some of the figures. The survivors aren't useful for other systems, but the monsters will be interesting for Strange Aeons games... the size only helping make them even more terrifying!

The plan here is to just assemble the 4 starting survivors and all the enemies for now, so may be a nice little self contained project for this winter's challenge (self imposed or Curt-led) as it totals to a mere 11 models (4 survivors, Lion, Antelope, Phoenix, King's man, King's hand, Butcher, Watcher) without touching on the KS bonuses.


Zombicide Seasons 1 & 2

This is another one that is staying, no questions. It is a fun game with some great models that can be re-purposed for other systems easily.

Remember the massive horde of zombies from last year? Yeah, well there is more still loitering in the shadows!

To finish off Seasons 1 and 2 I just need to get around to finishing off the survivors for the earlier sets.

The zombivores are one of those things that seem like a good idea at the time, but looking back on it, probably complicate things more than was ever really needed. I'm contemplating turning all the unpainted/uninteresting zombivores into additional walkers to add some character and variation to the hordes, which should allow a quick turnaround on those. Some are fun models, so may end up joining the few zombivores that have already been done.

This would give a nice group of figures to sort out for the challenge as well. Finish the season 1 and 2 survivors as well as converting their zombivores into walkers. This should provide a nice sense of completion to this and neatens up the survivor wall case a bit!

Zombicide Season 3

Season 3 is untouched at the moment. All the zombies and survivors still need to be painted... I suspect this will take a lot of black undercoat to get started, so we'll see how finishing Seasons 1 and 2 go before we start on these ones in 2015. It isn't going anywhere though, so they will eventually appear. I may add some of the zombivores into the mix along with the season 1 and 2 versions.

Tomorrow I'll move onto the multitude of skirmish systems that I seem to have accumulated.


  1. Those Gladiators were stunning! Good to hear we might see some more zombies too, may I ask Paul, where do you get your clear bases from and do you still pin the miniature to them or glue it straight down? I'm toying with the idea of investing in some myself.

    1. I need to do another order soon as I'm nearly out of the last bag I bought. Back2Base-ix seem to be the best option (

      400 for £23, including postage from Oz. Last time I didn't get hit with customs either.

      I can't really find anyone in the UK that does a comparable deal

    2. Thanks for the link Sean, I'll have to check them out.

    3. I of course meant Paul, clearly having a senior moment, my apologies.

  2. Heh. No worries ;)

    Just realised I didn't answer your other question either. I just superglue them onto the bases. The only fragile ones are those with one tiny point of contact