Wednesday, 12 November 2014

War of the Rampant Roses

Inspiration comes in many forms. The latest thread of gold that I've discovered on the interwebz is Captain Blood's excellent, if very long, Wars of the Roses thread on It shows his experiments with the Perry War of the Roses plastic kits to see how far he can push them to get new and exciting poses. Historical accuracy isn't all that high on his agenda, which allows for a bit more flexibility. The kits have been tempting me for a while, but this has just boosted them onto the Warfare shopping list.

This isn't really a part of history that I remember much about. I do remember a trip to the Bosworth museum when I was little, but apart from that it's all a bit of a blank (shame on me!). Menne of Warre is helping fill in some of the gaps while Amazon takes it's merry time delivering some Osprey books on the subject.

In order to make use of these figures, I've been reading through the Lion Rampant rule set as I've heard lots of good things about it on various blogs and forums hereabouts. This is looking like quite a nice system for skirmishes, though 7th Voyage would also be good fun with the Once and Future book allowing for some more pulpy WotR games. The aforementioned Menne of Warre site also has an interesting article about what Lion Rampant and how the period units and force composition would map to the rule options.

Now I just need to spend the rest of the week working out what I need to build two small LR forces to play with and which of the historical forces to paint them up as... or if I follow Captain Blood's example and just make stuff up, assuming it is from a 70's tv series on the War of the Roses ;)


  1. Wow, that was quite a thread! Some sensational work on show, I can see why this might have caught your attention.

    1. Yeah, I love seeing what can be done with plastic kits. The constant swing between multi-pose for flexibility and mono-pose for detail and character is always interesting to watch. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on these and seeing how they compare to recent GW plastics will be interesting.