Thursday, 20 November 2014

Analogue Hobbies painting challenge

So, we're closing in on the start date for this year's Analogue painting challenge and to prepare, Curt has started up a new blog, just for us:

As I'm only looking at 28mm figures, the ony points that I need to worry about are:

  • 28mm foot - 5pts
  • 28mm mounted - 10pts
  • 28mm vehicle - 15pts

I'm still trying to work out what to do for each of the sub-challenges, let alone what else to drag out of the painting pile. Each bonus round entry gets an extra 50 points, so it's worth trying to figure something out...
  • December 14: Cold
  • December 28: Mount(s) & Rider(s)
  • January 11:  Victorian
  • January 25: Myth
  • February 8: Hot
  • February 22: Comedic
  • March 8: Anti-Hero
Curt's price for entering will also be something for the theme of Anti-hero, rogue or "Person of Dubious Character". I have a few ideas for some of these, but nothing set in stone yet... especially when it comes to the anti-hero ones :/

The main aim for me this year is to build and finish forces for Saga and Lion Rampant, which should hopefully be achievable if I can actually find the time to work on things. I think last year I made it to the lofty heights of 727, but I had about a month off over Christmas to work on things. This year I'm aiming for 500 as a starting point. We will see how things go...