Wednesday, 3 December 2014

It's a rosy war

Big thanks to my Secret Santa, who's parcel arrived today. It's very heavy, I'm excited to find out what is inside! Photos on Christmas day ;)

Prep time for the Winter Challenge has been limited over the last few weeks thanks to lots of trips to foreign places, but at least my Perry plastics are starting to come together nicely. I've been using a combination of parts from all of the different Perry WotR sets as well as a few spare heads from the Warlord plastic Commandos. So far there are 6 mounted Men at Arms, 12 unmounted Men at Arms (2 units worth), 12 archers, 12 pike and a comander with standard.

 Thanks to the kind folk at Citadel6, I now have livery symbols for Richard Woodville, 1st Earl Rivers. Prior to Warfare this year these didn't exist, but as Claire likes Magpies (to the extent that her business logo is one), it seemed like a nice idea to carry the theme through. Citadel6 were kind enough to make the magpie livery transfers for me, which you can now also buy from their shop. As she's also from Stafford, I've picked up some Henry Stafford transfers to for when I get around to making a second WotR Lion Rampant force. I've no idea if they historically fought together or against each other... but they are two different colours of livery so I've got some variation.

I also had a basing conundrum to sort out. I wanted everything to be based individually so that I could play Lion Rampant, but wanted them to be based in roughly the right size for Hail Caesar later. Thankfully Warbases do 20mm round bases and the trays to go with them. These work out to be *nearly* the recommended size for HC. I may need to pick up a load of the base rims for Lion Rampant to bring the bases up to 25mm if anyone complains about the tiny footage, but that's a problem for later.

There will be much better photos once the painting challenge gets going, along with some vikings, more zombies and a few (as yet undecided) surprises for the challenges.

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