Saturday, 20 September 2014

Tin man

A while back, in one of those nonsense conversations that happen on forums, the idea was spawned for a 40K version of the Wizard of Oz as the perfect theme for one of the Armies on Parade boards. I never did get around to doing much with it other than buying a few bits to start the project.

The first completed model was To20, the loyal hunting hound of Inquisitor Dorothea. I started building the Tin Woodsman shortly after, but needed some Dark Eldar Scourges to finish the pose before I could paint it. I picked some up recently in order to try and finish this part of the unpainted mountain.

I can't remember the name I came up with for him, I'll dig it out before the modelling gets finished. His original chapter is unknown. He has been working with the inquisition for so long that the original records have been lost and he will not talk about it.  In his right hand he will be carrying a large wood cutting axe (if I can work out how to make one). In his other hand he's crushing an attacking Scourge.

I plan on having another Scourge attacking the back mounted autocannon, but I'm not sure which of the two positions. these guys have wings, so either position will work.


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    1. Thanks! Forge World always produce much more inspirational models than GW main

  2. A Nice start. Love the Forgeworld dreadnought kits.