Monday, 22 September 2014

More Tin Man developments

So, work continues on the Tin Man, with a few adjustments and the addition of a third scourge being squashed beneath one of the dreadnought's feet *ouch*

The road pieces are hanging off the edge of the base because the eventual aim is to create some sort of scenic board for them all to go on. The cobbles will lock the Tin Man into place and make it less obvious that he is separate.

The main bit left to do (other than the base) is actually create an axe for his right hand that I'm happy with. I made the handle for one yesterday, but forgot to actually measure it first. When I put it into his hand, it was far too small and just looked... odd. I suspect I need to actually get a piece of wood as I've not got any plastic strips thick enough to do the job properly.

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