Tuesday, 9 September 2014

All quiet on the South Eastern front

Just in case you're wondering, I'm not dead and projects havn't stopped... I'm working on a few bits behind the scenes that are all in concept phases at the moment and not really ready for public consumption. I've got next week off and we're going to try and spend the week doing craft bits, so hopefully there will be some painting updates *fingers crossed*

After the lackluster Imperial Guard release and the new edition of 40k I went off GW and their ever increasing prices. I wasn't expecting anything to come out that would change my mind here, but the curse that is Forge World are working on some really nice new Guard that work with the miner theme that I originally wanted to have for my force. Sometimes I miss working on the force... Now I'm not actually playing, I might try to make the effort to go back and neaten up some of the units. Who am I kidding? I've far too many other ideas floating around to worry about something that is already battle ready! Would really love to get some of my designs (right) actually made one day though.

Battle Bunnies have some pictures of the new models and some artwork. Very nice! The revamp of the Rogue Trader Crusader robots are also really interesting to see.

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