Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Zombie horde - retouched

Sir Horatio and Shaggy wish they had called in sick this morning!

Last night I went back and had another look at those zombies I was unhappy with last week. About 60% of them were in the passable category, so the rework wasn't quite as bad as I expected and most of it was just touching up the white and skin areas.

Enter the bottle of magic!

In the ModelZone sales recently I managed to fill in loads of gaps in my paint range for dirt cheap. One of the bottles of Vallejo that I picked up on a whim was a White Glaze  as it sounded like a potentially useful tool for smoothing out transitions. Turns out that was a great plan! Used neat it provides just enough white coverage to provide crisp white highlights without a jarring step form whatever other shade you were using. Watered down a bit it can be used to lighten up any colour (if you just want a quick highlight) and smooth out any transitions while you're doing it.

The glazes stay wet for slightly longer than normal paints too, allowing a bit more work to be done, which would (in theory) make them perfect for doing NMM. I really must try that when I get back to doing some fantasy pieces again.

Anyway... Slightly dodgy zombie shading + white glaze = much happier Paul and a complete set of walkers, runners and fatties!

Here's a shot of the new Walkers out for a stroll

 Eventually the hordes swelled to include everything painted from the Zombicide box. The only things left to paint is the Abomination and the characters. The characters are waiting for Season 2 to arrive (which has apparently arrived at the distributors and is nearly ready for shipping!) so they end up with the same colours as their zombivor counterparts... which leaves just the Abomination to paint!

I've also been trying to work out the best way to store all of the zombies, boards, survivors and counters so that they will travel neatly. It it were just the boxes, that would be fine... but all the extras from the kickstarter do not fit in.

The first option is for a really nice Battlefoam bag and plenty of infantry trays and a couple of deeper, custom cuts to take the boards and cards.

The other option is to use the trays that Kasper found from Sally 4th and detailed in his article.

Option 1 seems like the easier option to transport around as we currently play at a friend's house... but it's also the most limiting as it will not allow for much expansion. Kasper's solution is easily expandable, but seems harder to transport and still relies upon another container for the boards and cards... choices choices!


  1. That horde is certainly shaping up rather well, very impressive and I am really intrigued by the glaze, definitely going to be giving that a go.

  2. They look great, No idea about transportation either tricky choice it seems!

  3. I've made a quick solution to storing everything in the gamebox, safe for painted survivors, but walkers are simply thrown in. So those would need a good protective varnish coat.
    I'm going to "dip" mine in Quickshade, which should protect them sufficiently though.
    I'll make a post and let you know ;)

    1. And here it is!

    2. I just read your post. It looks like a nice easy solution... unfortunately I'm a bit precious about my painted figures and will be (eventually) looking for proper trays for them... for now they will be staying in the original plastic trays until a better solution can be found.