Monday, 19 August 2013

Writing and trains of thought

One of the reasons for starting this blog a few months back was to try and help me become better at writing. By trade I'm a web developer and the limit of my documentation needs were instructions on how to use the systems I built. As time goes on I'm moving more into proof of concept style paperwork, which will be used in sales processes and needs to be slick and to the point... which I'm generally not.  I have a habit of meandering about, jumping from one thing to another, which means things don't always come out in a controlled and organised manner.

Yesterday's waffle about Shadowrun Returns is a good example. Looking back on it, it's an absolute mess... I'd be surprised if anyone even gets that I really enjoyed the game given all the moaning ;)

My wife seems to be able to write for England on her two blogs (EternalMagpie and Claire The Conservatrix), but whenever I find an idea to write about, it takes ages to get it into the state you lot finally see it in. So. My question for the day...

How do you lot control your writing and what writing styles do you find easy/difficult?


  1. I really dont put too much thought into my posts and write what ever comes into my head, however I do proof read and edit if needed so they make sense.
    My tastes are diverse and so is my blog content, but I do try to keep it in context and on topic.

    1. Context I'm already on top of... otherwise you'd all be drowning under work, photography, music and film related stuff as well as gaming things.

      I wasn't really planning on talking about computer games either, but I'd spent the weekend playing Shadowrun and wanted to post something... it just didn't end up where I thought the post was going!

  2. I tend to write as I would talk, although as a dyslexic I have to make great use of spell checker.
    Peace James

  3. Now that is a good question, for me I like to imagine '28mm Victorian Warfare' as a gentlemen's' club at the turn of the 19th century; the language and manners been of the highest order. Unfortunately I am fundamentally lazy and just don't take enough time to proof read!