Thursday, 22 August 2013

Giant animals attack!

It's not a proper pulp style game unless you've got giant creatures attacking the heroes at every turn. While clearing out the attic I came across a bucket full of old bits from Kinder eggs, McDonalds and other unknown sources. Amongst these were to creatures that are just about the right size to use in Strange Aeons and Pulp Alley, so they got a repaint from their original plasticy colours


  1. Those are great! You got profile for giant snake in the latest book and that lizard is just too amazing not to be used in every second game :D

    1. Reading that book is why I didn't just throw these into the charity bag along with all the other bits that have been cluttering up the attic for years.

  2. Oh superb! This are great fun and remind me that I've got some cheap plastic dinosaurs lurking around here somewhere!

  3. well done!
    toys are always a good resource.