Thursday, 21 September 2017

Dungeon crawler musigs pt2 - Base system

One other thing that I forgot last time around was:

Journeys and between adventure elements in the original Warhammer Quest and Shadows of Brimstone are great fun, especially where some of the characters start having unique problems occur in settlements. I'd hate to lose this, but it is something that can be bolted on to any system by pretty much lifting/shifting said solutions into a new system.


Looking over the requirements that I outlined last time around, it seems that I'm looking for an rpg-like system that already deals with character classes and experience gain as well as monsters that can be upgraded in a similar manner.

The question here is, is a full rpg system overkill and what the heck do you do for some of the areas that usually require a GM to sort out? If the events are all randomly generated, then they need to be things that can't cause a complete roadblock if you don't, for example, have a highly intelligent or socially enabled character to smart your way through a problem... but by removing these types of situations you remove some of the more interesting challenges that can crop up.

By trying to limit or remove these sections, you also unbalance any rpg system that you use as characters have no reason to invest in a lot of advancement options that are available to characters, making them all combat or healing monsters much faster than they may have done previously.

On the list of things to try out is to take Pathfinder and WFRP 2 out for spins to see how well they cope with some basic preset dungeons. I suspect that WFRP will end in total annihilation of the starting adventurers when they come across their first half starved goblin as it is a bit like that. Pathfinder may be a better option due to the more combat focussed nature of the target audience. Later this year, or early next, there is supposed to be an Age of Sigmar version of WFRP that is intended to be more about running towards combat, rather than running away from a snotling. That may be more appropriate, but as I have v2 at hand, we'll start with that and see as I've not really used either system before.

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