Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Nothing to see here... except The Expanse

This week the painting table currently contains my Santa Clause gift... so no photos for this yet. It'll appear sometime after Christmas to let the poor soul a few days to recover.

The weekend has also seen a lot of work go into building all the models from the two Horus Heresy board games in preparation for this year's Analogue challenge, whenever that may appear. 50 tacticals, 5 terminators, one dreadnought, 5 Sisters of Silence and 5 Custodes. All of the marines will be to go with the Imperial Fists from last year.

While building these, I've been watching a new (to me anyway) series called The Expanse that was aired on US SyFy back in 2015, but has finally made it to Netflix here in the UK. The series is based upon the novels by James Corey, which I will now have to read as I've managed to burn through all 10 episodes in 2 days. If one of those hadn't involved actually having to go to work, it may have been one day. It is a nice blend of noir detective and proper sci-fi with some great special effects that are better than some cinematic releases I've seen recently.

In one review that I read earlier tonight, the writer made a very interesting point that SyFy may have made one critical mistake with The Expanse. They have made it so damn well that everything else SyFy has done pales in comparison. Roll on Season 2

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