Monday, 29 February 2016

Nautical cults

Welcome to the Cult of the Tentacled One. 

In the challenge this year I've been working through a selection of fantasy models for Frostgrave. Some of the more interesting kits are the official plastic kits, especially the cultists. The last batch were a combination of thugs, crossbow, archer and warriors

These join the ranks of last year's small cthuloid cult
 And their new captain, an old GW WFB pirate captain who had been sat in my painting pile for years. The nautical these has certainly been a good inspiration.

At some point I want to find some modern weaponry that scales will with the cultist kit and equip some for use in a more pulp-y setting.


  1. The Cultists make a perfect addition to the Cult of the Tentacled One...and that Pirate is just brilliant!

  2. Although I have managed to resit Frostgrave so far, these cultists ran me close! I love what you have done with yours and the Captain, was just superb.

  3. Fabulous job! Keep hold of that pirate he is very rare I think!