Saturday, 20 February 2016

Cult rising

Every time I think I've finally slipped free of the GW bandwagon, something comes along to undo all the damage killing the Warhammer world and increasing prices as done.

I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but in the dim, distant past of 1st/2nd Ed 40k I used to play a rather fun Genestealer Cult. Unfortunately with the switch to 3rd edition GW, in their infinite wisdom, decided to do away with it, leaving many of us without a playable army.

Yesterday and this morning images started to appear for the next 40k board game that is making many a Cultist overjoyed. The Cult of the 4 armed Father is returning in 2 week time with some of the nicest figures I've seen from GW in while.

For me, one nice touches is that the cult is based on a mining colony, equipped with mining lasers and other pieces of industrial equipment. My old Guard force was based on a mining colony, so the temptation to revisit this to make it part of the cult is overwhelming. I hear the recent attempts at board games are coming along nicely, especially Calth.

On a different note, work on the challenge has been very slow over the last few weeks. Initially it got derailed as Claire decided to start us off on the slipper slope that is Lego Dimensions (so much fun!) and this weekend is being eaten up with painting of a different sort. The building work on Claire's new workshop has reached a pint where we need to do our bit and start painting the walls and ceiling. Sadly as some idiot (that would be me) decided to save some money and paint the bare plaster ourselves. I suspect not too much more will be done for the challenge this year, but we will see.

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