Thursday, 14 January 2016

Lock up the church.. the Vikings are loose!

In the 2014 Secret Santa, some kind soul sent me a pile of Black Tree Design vikings so I could start a Saga force. Thank you so much, whoever you are! The models are really nicely done and scale well with the Gripping Beast plastics. I still find it weird that the GB metals are not the same size as their plastics...

This can be fielded as 4 points of vikings, if necessary, but I'd like to add another set of warriors (these are in the painting queue) and some levy.

The other thing to note is that unlike most of my models, I decided to actually put decorative basing on these guys as I really didn't want to spend weeks filing off the metal bases. The reason for the snow will become apparent later.

The warlord stand is three Gripping Beast plastics. You can't have your warlord going around unprotected now can you? The first bodyguard likes geometric, pacman style shapes for his design. The second bodyguard is obviously on some sort of mushrooms with the abstract design on his...

The main Heathguard unit is a mere 4 strong, but they look like the toughest of the tough. Worthy warriors to attend the Warlord.

We then have two more groups of Hearthguard that will go together into one larger group. They are here in multiple angles to show off their fancy shields. this group was bulked out with two plastic Gripping Beast models so that all of them, except Mad Karl and Slightly-less-mad Jorik, have chainmail. I think you can guess who Karl is...

These are accompanied by a group of 8 warriors. One of them is a bit camera shy as he wanted to show off his shield instead

I decided to use colour to signify the different groups. They might be family groups... they may just have a very picky boss who likes colour co-ordination... I'm not quite sure. When all 23 figures stand together, it makes a very satisfying sight