Friday, 15 January 2016

Kingdom Death Beta scenarios

After playing 2 lantern years of Kingdom Death, I've not really had a chance to carry on recently as the lightbox had to come out for the painting challenge. Once things are settled again in March/April time I must set it back up again and carry on trying to survive in the darkness. I was tempted to add the KD bits to the challenge, but I want to spend some time on them and work out how to do OSL when the world is *only* lit by the lanterns being carried.

One of the joys this year is that we're in the process of building a sewing room in the garden for my wife. Once that is done we're having a full reshuffle of the house, decorating everything as we go... the last room on the list is converting one of the bedrooms into my office/gaming room where i can leave the lightbox *and* Kingdom Death out all the time. 

I found out this morning that a beta version of all the one shot scenarios for the kickstarter characters were released sometime over Christmas (get them here). There are some really interesting looking options in here, especially the ones that grant you more people as your prize for winning!

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