Sunday, 13 September 2015

The Santas are coming to town again

Some actual painting updates for you all tomorrow, but in the mean time it is that time of year again.

It is September, so Ian and Chris have started looking for people to participate in their respective Secret Santas. Both were great fun last year, so go join up!

Ian and Cath are running your typical Secret Santa that involved sending a parcel of no more than £15 to your given target friend. Last year I got an amazing selection of vikings (which are now based and waiting for an undercoat!). To sign up, go and visit Ian's blog:

Chris on the other hand, is running the Santa Clause. Instead of a mystery box of goodies, each person sends a painted figure to someone else on the list; preferably something that fits one of their projects.  Last year I was very pleased to get these two in my parcel. I still have no idea which kind soul painted them up, but thanks again!

We should also be getting the Analogue Painting Challenge soon as well. I'm still undecided about it this year. On the one hand it is great fun with lots of inspirational challengesand I managed to get through a lot of the last few years. On the other... I've also been a bit burned out after each challenge and not painted much for the rest of the year...I think since the end of the challenge, I've painted about 12 models :/

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  1. Great to see these excellent Christmas projects now becoming traditions. Like you, I'm on the fence about another Challenge. Also a great tradition, but exhausting.