Friday, 7 August 2015

Over the hills...

Continuing on the vaguely Napoleonic theme of my reading recently, I took advantage of the Warlord offer last month and picked up the Black Powder book with a free box of British Peninsular troops to have a go at painting as I've not ever tried painting Napoleonics.

I'm very impressed with the quality of the book so far, much more so than the bland looking Bolt Action one. I really like all the little call-outs dotted throughout the book and the sense of humour that seeps through the whole thing.  The plastics are also very nice for a marching regiment and seem quick to put together compared to more flexible kits, which is probably a good thing when painting large numbers of the same figure.

The original aim was to paint up the box and sell it... but Matakishi's  Peninsular skirmish thread over on Lead Adventure ( has given me other ideas. We will see how painting them goes... speaking of which. Here's the test model to work out colours and overall scheme.

The colours are a bit off as it is a quick snap, but it gives you a good idea of where it is going. So I can remember what happened for the next one, this is the process

1) Undercoat - Army Painter Chaotic Red spray. This is basically VMC Hull Red and acts as a good shade for skin and the red coat.

2) Trousers - Base coat of VMA Sea Grey, layer of VMC Sky Grey, thinned highlights of VMC Offwhite. Glaze of Warpaints Boney Spikes/Gloss Medium to add dirt around the bottom

3) Jacket/Hat trim - Thinned layers of VMC Carmine Red; trims Citadel Warpstone Glow; final wash with Devlan Mud. Random glaze of Warpaints Boney Spikes/Gloss Medium to add dirt

4) Straps/Hat trim top - VMC Off White; wash of Devlan mud

5) Boots/ bags/ shako - Black with VMA Grey Green highlights.

6) Musket - VMC Leather Brown wood; Boltgun Metal for metalwork; overall wash ofNuln Oil

7) Skin - VMC Cork Brown; thinned layer of  VMC Basic Skintone; wash with Devlan Mud. Stubble: 50/50 Black/VMC Basic Skintone painted onto jaw

8) Canteen - VMC French Mirage; Wash with devlan mud then Nuln Oil

9) Hair - VMC Leather Brown; wash with Nuln Oil

10) Bed roll - VMC Neutral Grey; wash with Nuln Oil

11) Sack - VMC Stone Grey; wash with Devlan Mud; stains with Warpaints Boney Spikes glaze.

12) Hat badge - VMC Bronze; wash with Devlan Mud

Doing one took about 2 hours, so we shall see how long it takes to do 4 more...


  1. That certainly looks the part, should look great as a unit.

  2. Looks great. You are on a knife edge however. Edging to the darkside of Historicals!

    1. Don't worry. If these are fun, the plan is only to go as far as enough to play small skirmishes using sharpe's practice or 7tv. I have neither the time or space for full on black powder games :)

  3. If you like that Black Powder book then I would highly recommend the AWI one, its a terrific reference. Then grab a box of Perry Continentals or British and have some fun.

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