Monday, 16 March 2015

Zombie hordes keep on growin'

Over the weekend I posted a surprise update to the painting challenge. I thought I was done when I submitted the gladiators and instantly dreaded the 1500 point target I'd just set as the next goal. Turns out it wasn't that hard to beat after all. 1 early morning, 4 episodes of Arrow and a truck load of undercoated zombies. This first photo was what I submitted on Sunday. 65 zombies... that little lot is all of the zombies from the normal Zombicide Season 1 box, plus one spare berserk walker that I found on the painting table.

The next photo contains every zombie painted up for the challenge this year, which is a mere 92. Shame I didn't quite breach the 100. Still, it is an impressive feat.

To put it into perspective though, this is the entire horde. This is everything from the Season 2 kickstarter* and the standard Season 1 box. That totals to 78 normal walkers, 20 normal walkers, 21 toxic walkers, 32 normal runners, 10 toxic runners, 10 berserk runners, 16 fatties, 5 toxic fatties, 5 berserk fatties, 3 normal abominations, 2 toxic abominations and 2 berserk abominations. 204 zombies in total. Fear for your life if you ever see even a portion of that on the board in one go (unless you managed to herd them all into one square to firebomb)

* minus the zombie dogs, which I still need to partially resculpt to hide the gaping peg hole in their chests.

Yes, that is one lone full colour Abomination in there. I needed a flesh golem for Strange Aeons. I like the imposing look he has int he middle of that horde though, so I am tempted to go back and paint up the other abominations as full colour now, just to make them *really* stand out on the board and be terrifying.

The scary thing is I still have some unopened Walk of the Dead boxes to bulk up the Toxic and Berserk hordes a bit; plus we have season 3 landing soon. So that horde you see there is going to nearly double in size! I'd better get working on those survivors so there is someone to save the world.

Now to work out what colours to use for Skinners and Seekers so they remain B&W with one spot colour. I wasn't that keen on the preview of the VIP rules, so I suspect those will just become additional standard zombies in funny outfits.