Saturday, 14 March 2015

Jugula... done!

Well, that is a nice feeling. Jugula is now the first game I've finished all the models for. What do you mean it isn't that big a deal with only 8?! Rude! :p

The two familia have been built with the same options to make it much easier to teach friends how to play. I tried to make sure that the matching pairs were in different poses so we didn't end up with look-a-likes

I can safely say I will not be expanding the familia in this scale. The models are ok, but I've seen more detail on 28mm figures. Still. It feels good to have it all painted.


  1. Despite your reservations on the sculpts you've painted these up beautifully Paul. Will we get an AAR at any point once your friends have been trained?!

    1. That is the plan. I'll probably be running through a few solo games too to try and get the rules down properly. I'm interested by the campaign progression in Jugula too