Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Slightly distracted...

Dammit. I knew there was something to do over the weekend... I spent last week frantically finishing off the final sub-challenge model and took the photos on friday to submit. Typically, I wasn't happy with the figure and thought I'd do some extra work on saturday. Well, that never happened and I forgot to submit the photos I did have. Doh! Still, I'll try and get him done for Thursday assuming I don't get sidetracked with the next project.

With just over a week or so left on the challenge, bits have started to turn up for the post-challenge project... a really nice Mat-O-War cloth. As you can see from the photo it is a little bit stiff and very wrinkled, so something needs to be done about that. The reviews I'd read of these cloths said that it is a good idea to wash them a few times to soften things up a bit so they drape nicely. It hasn't come out too well in the photos, but the cloth is made of compressed flock and a resin-like material to form a dense, long lasting tabletop covering.  Rather than run the risk of damaging the full cloth with some experiments, http://www.antenocitisworkshop.com helpfully sell small samples of the cloth. I picked up a couple of samples, one lot to put through the wash a few times and another to see how it takes weathering powders and paint to add a bit more variation.

 I thought I'd see what the cloth looks like with my current, painted terrain collection. The three sets of ruins (2 form 4Ground, 1 set of Warlord farmhouse ruins) are causing me some issues. I'm unsure what to do with these as there needs to be a lot more rubble for all three buildings, especially the right most of the three below. If the house was so bombed that it is missing the roof and at least one floor, I'm at a loss to explain why there would be visible flooring inside. I will probably have to fill this one with large amounts of rubble so it is difficult terrain for infantry/impassable to vehicles. There are lots more tank traps and crates being undercoated at the moment, all from Dust Tactics.

And a couple of action shots


  1. I really need to ask your advice on photographing miniatures soon. I struggle awfully with the DOF and don't know if it's me or the lens.

    1. Next time you're over, bring the camera and we can have a play