Sunday, 1 March 2015

Russian Reinforcements

Last year I managed to get some of my Russian forces painted up for Bolt Action. This year, I finally managed to finish off the remains of that box set. The troops that I finished last year were all very clean and fresh looking, with all of the uniforms being rather... uniform. You can see these on the WW2 projects page.

This time around I thought they needed to loo a bit more worn and random to show they have been fighting for a while. I may go back and tweak some of the other figures to try and provide a middle ground between them all. There is a good uniform resource on the Warlord forum for Russian colours that I just found. I should probably go back and add some of the markings to the uniforms and helmets too.

2 LMGs
8 SMGs
3 riflemen
1 Sniper
and 1 Molotov wielding lunatic

Painting these guys has made me want to do some more ww2/www2 bits. I've now got to try and restrain my purchases until I've finished a few more bits in the backlog though. Looking at these and reading through lots of Bolt Action forums recently has made me also want to go back and rebase everything with scenics. I need to see what they look like when I get a table to play on first though.


  1. Leaves look great Paul, love the chap with the molotov!

    1. Which one?, there are two ;)
      There's another one hidden in with the SMGs

  2. Molotov wielding lunatic is awesome.