Wednesday, 25 February 2015

This isn't Acacia Avenue, but...


 When the zombie apocalypse hits, you need to be ready. You need to be armed and you need to be properly dressed in order to outrun the enemy (or at the very least, your friend… it depends how many zombies there are). The day things went to hell, Robbie was working at his local food shop, Morry and Sons, advertising their fresh fruit. He’d known for ages that the zip occasionally got stuck, but he’d been assured that it had been fixed. Turns out… not so fixed after all. Robbie is now stuck inside this damn suit and can’t get out. Not even if his life depends upon it, which it kinda does!

It is a fun model, though not the best painting I've ever done. I had to have two attempts at sending it to Curt... the first time I sent it I hated the photos, so had to have a go at adding some more detail tot he figure. Second time looks much better, but there are still problems with it, like the label on the banana looks a bit wonky in places. As far as you're concerned, it's just a cheap costume, so the printing is dodgy and I'm perfectly recreating the budget printing process where the shadows and highlights on the fake label don't line up properly ;)


  1. Very cool dude! I bet those "mistakes" are driving you bananas.

  2. A great entry Paul! At least he'd tooled up, but I wouldn't wanna be chased in that!!