Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Jugula time

Year before last I bought a preview copy of Gripping Beast's gladiatorial game, Jugula. It's a fun little system that uses 4 40mm models per side, so it sounded like an interesting change from 28mm that I'd normally paint.

Here are the first three for one of the Familia. The plan is to have the same 4 gladiators for each one in order to make teaching some friends the game much simpler. I've got plenty of spare weapons, so some more packs of bodies would allow for some of the other gladiator types later if I stick to this scale. 28mm would also work well for the game

These models are big and chunky, which makes them an interesting alternative to the usual 28mm gladiators available. Sadly I'm not all that enamored with the models... they feel like upsized 28mm sculpts, rather than something specifically made for this scale.


  1. Great looking Gladiators! Very well done on the dark skinned one. At least I find that black skin is extremely hard to get right and your effort looks great!

  2. Even though your not 100% into these I think you have done a cracking job


  3. Hola
    Que buenos esos gladiadores
    un saludo