Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Conan's final sprint

Today sees the last few hours of the Conan kickstarter. I've been watching the progress of this one with great interest. For a mere £88 all this could be yours >>>>

Just look at all those stretch goals hit! That is a staggering amount of plastic for the price!

The add-on list is looking very tempting, but most will be available at retail afterwards. The one add-on that I would recommend is Campaign book as it gives a load of scenarios designed specifically for the King level models. To go with the game, they are also working on a website to help people build and host new missions, with the goal of having at least 50 new ones up for download before this arrives in October, so you'll never be short of adventures for your intrepid band of heroes.

Having just said how many scenarios there are, I can foresee a lot of stats being written up for all these models to go with 7th Voyage and Dungeon Saga as well, depending on what game system we feel like playing at the time.

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