Friday, 30 January 2015

New 7TV source books

Crooked Dice have done it again. Today saw the release of at least one new source book for 7TV players

First up we have a free programme guide called Agents of A.C.E, which was written by Mike Jackson for his casts. While this is an unofficial guide, it's been given the full CD treatment and made available for free download :

The other release that looks like it is supposed to be available (but currently isn't due to a Gumtree issue) is another fan written tome of goodness called Beyond the Seven Seas, which adds pirates and all sorts of piratical adventure options to your games.

"Repulse Barbary pirates in the Mediterranean, thwart treason, explore fantastic civilizations in the New World or confront exotic customs in the mysterious orient. Beyond the Seven Seas has it all.
So will you take to the High Seas as a brave swashbuckling captain or a renaissance genius? Or maybe play a cruel marauding pirate or greedy governor, as you set sail into the age of discovery?"
Hopefully the link will be fixed later...

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